So you want to be an architect..

Written by: Steve

on Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Everyone knows that law students write the bar exam to becomes lawyers. Medical students take on months of residency to become doctors. But how does an architect become licensed? Few people are familiar with the ExAC (Examination for Architects in Canada), which is a grueling, 2-day, 4-part exam held once a year in November.

After a couple of years to reflect on passing this exam, I’ve compiled some advice for those about to take on this monumental task. Whether you are someone who is preparing to write the ExAC, an aspiring architect, or just curious about what it takes to become a licensed architect, these 12 tips are for you.

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Building Blog #1 – What’s the deal with ERVs?

Written by: Donald

on Thursday, June 15, 2017

In this series of blog posts we answer Frequently Asked Questions, offer helpful tips and advice when it comes to how your home works – and doesn’t work! – and how methods employed by SUSTAINABLE.TO Architecture + Building can get you the most efficient, comfortable, and healthiest home for you and your family.

In this edition, we answer: What is an ERV (or HRV) and why do I need one?

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