Giving a Voice to the Community

Written by: Joel

on Thursday, January 07, 2016

We see communities changing around us every day, and the importance of architects in this process is increasing at a steady pace just the same. Perhaps not in the way our parents may have imagined, but in a much broader context. Sustainable.TO, along with many partners, has been working to help define this role and how it can impact communities with more than just the physical spaces we create. We have been exploring this idea at the East Scarborough Storefront since 2009, continuously working on smaller parts of a master plan with youth from the neighbourhood. In Bolton, we worked alongside teams of students to help them build their own master plan. A workshop in Detroit helped us realize the outlook many of us have on how cities are built, and how we can challenge these standards. It is our responsibility as architects to give a voice to the communities that we work within.

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