Brooklawn Residence

Deep Green Replacement Home

Honouring the home owner’s desire to respect the mid-century architectural heritage of their street, while dramatically improving the resource and energy-efficiency of their home, a dated, post-war bungalow has been turned into a beautiful, contemporary two-storey home. This addition and deep green retrofit makes full use of the existing site, taking advantage of beautiful views and cooling breezes from nearby Lake Ontario, while providing a noontime shaded patio. A thoughtful combination of passive design strategies such as day lighting and shading, highly effective insulation, reflective and self-venting Galvalume roofing, energy efficient doors and windows, solar thermal hot water heating, hydronic radiant floor heating, and optimal reuse of original materials helps to create a stunning showcase of comfort and sustainability.

Scarborough, ON
Project Lead
Paul Dowsett
Sustainable Building Services Inc.
Principal-in-Charge 2007-2008:
(Scott Morris Architects Inc.) Paul Dowsett, Architect
Principal-in-Charge 2009-2013:
(Paul Dowsett Architecture Inc. o/a SUSTAINABLE.TO) Paul Dowsett, Architect