Danforth Home

Sustainable Renovation/Addition

This renovation project of a detached, 2-1/2 storey home near The Danforth has allowed the family to maintain their familiar surroundings and neighbourhood connections, while also updating their existing home to include sustainable 21st-century practices, materials, and technologies. A complete interior renovation, the ground floor was opened up to create a large open room, with Kitchen at the front of the house, Dining in the middle, and Living connected the rear garden. The back wall of the house features a huge sliding panoramic door to allow for easy access to a large rear deck for eating and entertaining. With the open floor plan inside, it is possible for all rooms to be used separately, while maintaining connections, with food prep in the Kitchen, homework in the Dining Room, and relaxing in the Living Room.

The second floor features new bathrooms and renovated bedrooms, updating the previous floor plan and installing new fixtures and finishes throughout. Access to the third floor - within the gable roof space - was repositioned above the existing stairs, with dormers added on both sides of the house to provide additional headroom. While this floor was previously a large open space with compromised headroom, it now features full headroom for a new bedroom, bathroom, and study.

The home features a durable, self-venting Galvalume roof which lowers the cooling load of the home in the summer time. The home uses three small, wall-mounted air-source heat-pump units (one on each of the above-grade floors) to address cooling in the summer. Located in central hallway areas, these units are much more efficient than a comparable ducted air conditioning system interconnected on all three floors, and with individual thermostats on each floor, allow for fine-tuning to reduce the cooling energy on floors which may not be in use, or to dedicate energy to those floors that require additional cooling. In-floor radiant heat is featured on the ground floor, with hot-water radiators on the second and third floors. These are paired with a high-efficiency Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) to provide ventilation and fresh air to all levels.

All windows were replaced with well-sealed, aluminum-clad wood windows and openings were made air-tight, to reduce thermal loss through windows and air leakage through any gaps, including the large sliding panoramic door on the ground floor.

Approvals included Committee of Adjustment and Urban Forestry.

Toronto, ON
279 m², 3,000 ft²
Project Lead:
Donald Peckover
K H Davis Consulting Engineers
Elite HVAC
Severn Woods