East Scarborough Storefront

Community Design Initiative Expansion and Adaptive Re-use

The East Scarborough Storefront is an ongoing example of how community work can transform and empower an entire neighbourhood. Working collaboratively with the youth of the East Scarborough Storefront, through the Community.Design.Initiative with Storefront staff, archiTEXT Inc. and ERA Architects, SUSTAINABLE.TO is helping to create a fully-accessible, resource and energy-efficient, phased renovation and addition strategy that will see the transformation and deep green retrofit of a former police substation into a large, accessible and green community resource centre. The work completed to date is much-loved by the community.

In true community fashion, the skills, ideas and knowledge of local residents and agency partners have helped to create, as one example, an “Eco-Food Hub” as part of the overall revitalization, laying the foundations for various community-based environmental and food-oriented initiatives. The Storefront has been facilitating the work of agencies and residents in the priority neighbourhood of Kingston Galloway Orton Park (KGO) since 2001. Their real strength is actively listening to the community and developing structures to support their ideas, and SUSTAINABLE.TO is proud to lend a helping hand, as an ongoing partner. Happily, we feel like ‘family’!

Approvals have included Site Plan Control and Zoning Amendment.

Scarborough, ON
Renovation Area:
695m², 7,481ft²
Proposed Addition Area:
1,158m², 12,465ft²
KGO Youth
Project Lead:
Steve Socha
Community Design Lead:
archiTEXT Inc.
E.R.A. Architects
Brown & co. Engineering Ltd.
J.D. Hubbert and Associates
J.D. Hubbert and Associates
Direct Construction Ltd.