Heritage Conservation

Heritage Conservation is an important part of municipal sustainability and a strong contributor to sustainable development strategies in the following ways:

Economically – research from across the globe shows that Heritage Conservation can have multiple economic benefits for a community, including job growth in skilled trades, increased property values, revitalized neighbourhoods and a wide array of tourism opportunities.

Culturally – at its core, Heritage Conservation is a cultural activity. Not only does it remind us of our past and traditions, it acts as a point of pride and reference that can help foster awareness and confident cultural growth that respects traditions and stories of the area.

Environmentally – Reduce & Re-use. Heritage Conservation helps to reduce reliance on new materials, environmentally unfriendly building materials and energy intensive production of new building materials. Heritage Conservation encourages the re-use of existing building materials by extending the life of a building and its components, or rehabilitating damaged building materials.

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