An HVAC system refers to mechanical systems for Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning to maintain the desired environmental conditions within a space. The requirements of each building are unique and there are many different systems available; therefore, every system should be tuned to the building’s needs.

Where possible, passive strategies and low-energy systems for heating and cooling are utilized to reduce energy demand, and to make the indoor environment more stable. In combination with an HVAC climate control system, good passive design can make the environmental conditions more comfortable.

Passive strategies include: reflective roof surfaces, air-tightness, good thermal insulation, low proportion of glazing, outdoor summer solar shading, the use of thermal mass, and natural & night ventilation, which can jointly make a cooling system redundant; and air-tightness, good thermal insulation, glazing placed for winter solar gains, thermal blankets at windows, and the use of thermal mass, which can jointly reduce the heating energy demand.

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