Sustainable feels “At Home” in Cambridge / by Sustainable


Written by: Steve Socha

From November 16, 2015 to January 10th, 2016, the residential work of Sustainable will be a feature of the At-Home Exhibit in Cambridge, Ontario put on by Art + Design Idea Exchange. The displayed works focus on homes capable of withstanding natural disasters, energy-efficient homes, off-grid homes, and new concepts for shared living and working spaces. As frontrunners in sustainable and resilient design, Sustainable’s projects are front and centre at the exhibit, taking place at the University of Waterloo Architecture Building.


Projects featured in the exhibit include: Hunter House: Straw-Bale Off-grid Passive Solar House near Peterborough, Modern Low-Cost Low-Energy House for disaster recovery in the 9th Ward in New Orleans, Joplin House: Tornado-Resistant House for Missouri, Resilient House: Post Hurricane Sandy Low-Cost Passive House for New York, East York Passive House: Bungalow Addition and Renovation, and St. John’s Multi-Generational Home: Grid-Connected, Passive-Solar Farmhouse in Whitchurch-Stoufville. Each of these projects responds to its unique context with simple yet effective solutions for creating a home that is comfortable, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing.

When visiting the exhibition space, you will be able to see a series of photographs, floor plans, and diagrams of the various homes on display. Sustainable also provdied physical models of the houses, giving visitors a chance to really understand the form, massing, and interior layout of each project, which are all designed to take advantage of passive heating and cooling through the use of sun shadesthermal mass, and cross-ventilation. This utilizes what nature has given us for free, before integrating complex technological solutions, ensuring a long-lasting home that is affordable to operate and that can be repaired by local trades.

Principal architect of Sustainable, Paul Dowsett is an alumnus of the Waterloo School of Architecture and we were thrilled to see the next generation of green architects, our former interns, at the exhibit opening who are going on to do great things in the masters programs. Get in touch with us if you’re interested in being our next co-op student and joining our young and energetic team that is focused on designing healthy, energy-efficient, and affordable homes.

Alongside our work, you will also see projects by Alison Brooks Architects (London UK), Teeple Architect Inc. (Toronto, ON), Ian MacDonald Architect Inc. (Toronto, ON), and Artscape.