Cascadia Architects Visit Us From Victoria, BC / by Sustainable

Cascadia Architects packed up their team and brought everyone across the country, and we were fortunate enough to host them for one of their stops!

We began the day on site at one of our residential projects - a not so typical single family home. Designed to fit in with its neighbours, we shared the challenges and successes of making this home fully accessible, and achieving a superior building envelope. With both of these things in mind, we can be sure the home will be comfortable for its occupants for years to come.

Afterward, they joined us back at our office to warm up with some coffee and lunch. We shared some of the benefits of the integrated project planning process we are wrapping up for OSSTF, and how it helps the transition into design development. We also heard from Cascadia about the successes they are having with multi-unit residential projects back in Victoria.

We look forward to taking a page out of their playbook and visiting them at their home in Victoria, British Columbia!