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Consultation: A made-in-Ontario climate change plan.

Clean air, safe water and well-protected lands and parks are the ingredients to a greater quality of life. In order to be more resilient to climate change, the government has released a plan that will identify specific areas of focus. This made-in-Ontario solution will strike the right balance between protecting our environment and responsibly supporting a prosperous economy. Ontario is asking YOU to reflect and share areas of focus and the most effective actions to achieve our climate goals.

The Plan:

  • Creating an understanding of the effects that climate change is having on our households, businesses, communities and public infrastructure to better prepare and strengthen our resiliency.

  • Ensuring polluters are held accountable and creating dedicated measures that will efficiently reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Improving Ontario’s business climate by unlocking the power of the private sector to finance and drive innovative climate solutions. This will include an emissions-reduction fund to invest in technology-based and other solutions to reduce emissions in Ontario.

  • Finding a balanced solution that puts people first, makes life more affordable for families, and takes Ontario’s role in fighting climate change seriously.

  • These areas will help ensure our investments in climate action effectively balance greenhouse gas reductions while supporting economic prosperity and Ontario families.

The following are some possible actions to reduce emissions to reflect on and share
(the form will be open until November 16):


Making Canada’s building sector more energy efficient is a cost-effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save households and businesses money.

The government of canada is taking action - we are greening building codes for new homes making it easier to retrofit your home and business - for you this means lower energy bills and for canada it means more innovation and the creation of of more than 100,000 jobs by 2030 - a sustainable future!


Building a smart, integrated clean electricity system will deliver reliable and affordable power, where it is needed.

Building a smart, integrated clean-electricity system will deliver reliable and affordable power where it is needed. Phasing out of traditional coal power will mean cleaner air and jobs for the middle class. That is good for the climate and for the health of Canadians.

Forestry, Agriculture and Waste

The forestry, agricultural and waste sectors can help to increase carbon storage and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Canada’s forests, wetlands, and croplands have great potential to absorb and store carbon dioxide. We also need to send far less garbage to landfills and rethink what we do with waste.

The Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change will drive emissions reductions and clean growth by increasing the amount of carbon that is stored in our forests, wetlands, and soils; updating our building codes to promote sustainably grown and harvested wood; using waste products from forestry, agriculture and landfills to create sustainable energy sources, and collaborating with Canadian companies, academics, and other stakeholders to develop new technologies to reduce emissions.


With smart and strategic investments in transportation, we will not only grow a cleaner economy and create good jobs, we will improve our quality of life.

Canadians expect safe and efficient transportation options. Businesses and their customers expect resources and products to be delivered to store shelves and global markets on time. Canada’s national climate change plan will meet these expectations while delivering lower greenhouse gas emissions and cleaner air.

For a clean, low carbon future, switch to electric transportation!