Sustainable Partners with Toronto Botanical Gardens to Create the Green Explorers Program / by Sustainable

Inspired support for Inspired Kids

 In late August, TBG in partnership with Sustainable, will offer a special session of Green Explorers Camp, a nature-based, experiential program designed to inspire sustainable choices in kids.

This late summer session of the Green Explorers program will enable the participation of 20 kids, between the ages of 8-11 referred by the East Scarbourogh Boys and Girls Club, in four days of exploration, learning and interpreted activities.  Each day of the camp, young explorers are familiarized with a different green space in the GTA, learn about the specific issues affecting it and brainstorm possible solutions.  Skill building is a strong focus of the Green Explorer program and an important asset to further kids’ interest in environmental interventions and to promote further skill building.

Water testing, recycling, composting and gardening are all discussed and experienced. The ultimate aim of Green Explorer is to provide children with the leadership tools they need to affect positive change in their own behavior, their household and their communities. Sustainable is making the Green Explorers experience possible for the kids of ES Boys and Girls Club, extending the impact of this program beyond the reach of the TBG.  We are grateful for their support and, most importantly, we are delighted to grow the ranks of young minds interested in bringing the Green Explorers’ sustainability message to their community.