Nero the Cat, a realistic story of hate and love, by Laura Casas / by Sustainable

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I never thought that the biggest challenge during my first week of work in Canada would be dealing with a cat. His name is Nero, he is the office cat and of course, he was used to sleeping on my empty desk until I took it.

He is a greedy cat and loudly asks demands his for treats every day at 9:00 am. His meows and scratches on my arm until I decide to reward him, helps me wake up every morning. 

As soon as I think the ‘meow’ problem is solved, new ones come from the other side of the room. It usually means that he is playing with his filthy stuffy. It triggers some tension amongst us is a tense pulse until someone surrenders, grabs the nasty toy and hides it away from the cat.

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Another highlight of the day is the desk-to-desk walk. He stops in at every station doing exactly what its owner most deeply fears. For example, when he goes to my partner’s desk, he sits on her arms, in front of the keyboard and paralyses her, because he knows she is afraid of picking him up. However, when he comes to mine, the game is walking between the screen and me as many times as possible, because he knows I don’t like interruptions.

He is definitely annoying… but at the end, I have learnt that all he wants is love… he spends the nights and weekends alone so he has to draw on the time he is with us. That’s the only reason he begs so much for cuddles and compliments during office hours. 

I can’t imagine working without him anymore… how tasteless the meetings would be without scratch threats from the boardroom table, how boring office meals without the cat attempting to taste it and how dull my sketches are without hairy decoration. 

Nero makes sense, brings us together as a family with a problematic son, and teaches us through difficulties, like when he went to the veterinarian and showed so much rudeness that the vet vetoed him. Everyone is really committed in preventing the cat falling sick again.