Top 10 Low- or No-Cost Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint / by Sustainable

By Mitchell Beer, publisher of The Energy Mix

It’s a baked-in reality of the way we live our lives, build our homes, and set up our communities: Just about everything we do produces carbon emissions that are warming the atmosphere and causing climate change.

The energy we use, the transportation choices we make, the food we eat, the jobs we do, and the vacations we choose — everything has an impact.

But there’s a powerful silver lining in the wide reach of your personal carbon footprint. It means that the right, small change to almost anything you do will make a difference, as people across the GTHA and around the world come to grips with the climate crisis.

Those small changes add up to something worth doing. And so often, they help us get other things that we already know we want—like cleaner air, healthier and tastier food, or more time in our day that isn’t spent in bumper-to-bumper traffic congestion.

Personal action alone won’t be enough to get climate change under control. But something else happens when we decide to tackle our personal and household carbon footprint. For many of us, once we’ve made that commitment, we expect our institutions—the governments we elect, the businesses we deal with—to follow our lead. Down that road lie a collection of carbon-cutting measures that are too big to get done on our own, but that we can still address together as friends, family, neighbours, and citizens, pooling our efforts to make our community a better place.