Allied Media Conference 2014: “Co-Designing Our Cities” Workshop / by Sustainable


What: Allied Media Conference 2014, “Co-Designing Our Cities” Workshop
Where: Wayne State University Campus, Detroit, MI
Who: Jay Wall and Joel Gilbert Anderson
When: Detroit / June 19-22, 2014

Presented with a scenario in an unnamed city, residents, developers, city councillors, and other members of the community were given the task of determining the future of an important site.

At the end of the workshop, while we hadn’t solidified the future of the site, we had made some important discoveries. People that were asked to embody roles embodied their own assumptions of what these roles should look like. We raised important questions about community involvement in building our own cities, discussed different roles involved and their importance, and proposed setting up rules that require collaboration to take place when deciding on the future of important sites that will impact the surrounding community